Our School is divided into the following units

  • Kinder Garden-Pre-KG,LKG,UKG
  • Primary I to V Std
  • High school VI to X Std
  • Higher Secondary XI & XII Std

We work actively for the good of mankind and lays great emphasis on the importance of nurturing the youth.

Our teaching faculties are well equipped and have responsibilities to mould the students to face the emerging trends in globalized era.

So we are not only providing better facilities and quality education but also encouraging the students to achieve their goal in sports and other extra qualities. We have been focusing view of innovative and ensuring international quality in every aspect of the students to make them to be committed, hard work and be patient in their pursuit of excellence.

The school is equally committed to the under privileged segments of population such as gifted applicants whose parents can’t pay fees, Children with high potential facing difficult financial circumstance and free education for the meritorious who prove their Mettle in the board examination.